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Windshield Repair | Windshield ReplacementHere at CaptainWindshields® we like to focus on you, customer service is our first priority. We want to make the whole experience as easy as possible for you as we can.


We have the right tools, the right glass, the right resin’s and well trained technicians, who have been in the industry for many years.

We know you deserve a top-star service performed by the hands of true professionals with years of experience under their belts.

And that’s exactly what you will get: your windshield glass repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, and most importantly, with a 5-star quality service that will truly impress you!

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Windshield Repair?Windshield Replacement?Mobile Windshield Repair?
If your windshield is cracked, lets us know the size and the whereabouts on your windshield.First call one of our windshield experts, for a free consultation...Call one of our mobile windshield experts, for a free quote...
If you have a photo of the damage ready to go, this will help us assess the damage more accurately. Take a photo of the windshield damage, this will help us determine the damage more accurately. If you have a photo of the car and the damaged windshield, this will help us assess the damage more accurately.
Once we have determined the size of the crack and the type of windshield we can give you a free quote. What automobile does the windshield belong to?... Once we have determined the type of windshield your car needs, then we can give you a free quote. If you can't drive your auto mobile to us, then we can arrange to come to you, even while your at work.
You can then decide whether you want us to fix the cracked windshield for you or not... it's entirely up to you!You can then decide whether you want us to fix the damaged windshield for you or not... it's entirely up to you!We always do our best to give you the best valued quote and service around... it's entirely up to you if you want to go ahead!

Wherever You Are, We Go.

 It’s a fact that your glass can break anytime, anywhere, which is a very real danger and huge hassle to you…

Don’t worry, you can now enjoy a timely mobile windshield repair service, wherever you are.

This is a fantastic and life-saving option for you since we will come to you and leave you delighted with our top-quality, efficient, mobile windshield repair and replacement service!

Talk about convenience!

 The Latest And Greatest Replacement

Technology At Your Service!

 As we said before, our mobile auto glass repair service use the best techniques and the latest technology which guarantee you, our windshield repair will last probably longer than we will.

Why Do We Focus On Customer Service?

The reason is simple: our friendly, more-than-qualified, professional technicians only use the latest technology in windshield repairing and replacing so that you don’t run across any problems in the near future!

This way your new, repaired windshield will be more resistant and last longer.

Windshield Repair: Your Questions Answered


Windshield smashed from passing rock!

Picture the scene. You’re driving along a busy road and a stone flirts up and cracks your windshield…

Sounds familiar? In all honesty it’s something that has happened to most drivers at one time or another, and whilst it is most definitely an annoying event, the good news is that a small chip or crack can often be repaired quickly and easily.

In this article we are going to answer some of the most common questions you might have when it comes to windshield repair services…

 Can my windshield actually be repaired?

Whether or not your windshield can be repaired depends on the type and size of the chip or crack. A good rule of thumb is that if the damage is smaller than a dollar bill then a repair might be possible. If the crack or chip is larger than this, or if it is directly in the line of vision of the driver, it might be necessary to replace the whole windshield. A professional auto glass repair company will be able to advise you accordingly.

Is it possible to repair my windshield myself?

You might be wondering if it is possible to just buy a cheap DIY windshield repair kit and do the repair yourself. Whilst such kits are readily available and come complete with tools and instructions, the reality is that windshield repair is a job that’s really best left to professionals.

Carrying out a high quality and safe repair requires good technique and experience, which most people simply do not have. A botched repair may spread and cause further damage, meaning that it might actually be unsafe and end up costing more money than if you had called in a professional repairer in the first place.

How does windshield repair work?

The process is relatively simple and can usually be carried out in around 30 minutes. The area around the damage will firstly be thoroughly cleaned and any loose pieces of glass removed. Polymer resin is then injected into the glass through a small hole, which works to bond together the glass.

Is a windshield repair invisible, and will the repair be permanent?

Once the repair has been carried out there may still be a visible blemish on the glass, however this should be much less noticeable than was previously the case.

During the repair process there is a small risk that the crack could spread, however once the work has been completed the repair should be permanent, meaning your car is safe to drive as normal.

How long does a windshield repair take?

Most windshield repairs can be carried out in 30 minutes or less, and for added convenience most repair services will come to you.

What happens if my windshield cannot be repaired?

An auto glass company will be able to advise on whether or not your windshield is suitable for repair. If the crack or chip is too big then they will recommend fitting a replacement, and in most cases this work will be able to be carried out by the same company.


Windshield Replacement:

Why It’s So Important To Get Your Windshield Fixed Quickly


If a crack or chip appears on your windshield, it’s easy to put it to the back of your mind and tell yourself “you’ll sort it out another day.” But did you know that driving around with a damaged windshield could actually cause a danger to yourself and other road users? If you have a damaged windshield, it’s absolutely essential to call a windshield replacement specialist and arrange a visit as soon as possible.

What can happen if I continue driving with a damaged windshield?

Driving with a damaged windshield is simply unsafe, and there are several key reasons why it’s really important to replace or repair it as quickly as possible should it become damaged…

Automobile glazier adding glue on windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage before installation

Automobile glazier adding glue on windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage before installation

The first and most obvious reason is that a cracked windshield reduces your visibility as a driver. It can be incredibly distracting, and this is especially so the case if the damage is directly in your line of vision. It’s also an issue that can be made even worse when driving into bright sunlight.

Secondly, there is a high chance that the damage will get worse if it is left as it is. What starts off as a small crack can quickly develop into a much bigger one, so it’s definitely best to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. Small chips or cracks can often be repaired, however a larger crack will usually require replacement of the whole windshield. Call your windshield replacement and repair specialist today!

The third (and perhaps most important) reason is that a cracked windshield will be severely weakened, meaning that it will provide you with much less protection in the event of an accident. You have to remember that your windshield forms an integral part of the structure of your entire vehicle, so there is a very real risk that a damaged shield could detach itself from the rest of the car during an accident.

Finally, a windshield that has already been weakened by a crack could also shatter completely if another object was to hit the glass. Just imagine that happening whilst driving at speed!

Windshield Replacement and Repair

Windshield replacement or repair is so fast and simple that it definitely makes sense to deal with the issue as soon as your shield

Portrait of automobile glazier repairman at windscreen or windshield of a car replacement in auto service station garage

Automobile glazier repairman at windscreen or windshield of a car replacement in auto service station garage

becomes cracked. The quicker you get it inspected, the more likely it also is that it can be repaired, thus avoiding the expense of replacing the whole glass.

Either way, it is often possible to arrange windshield replacement or repair through your insurance policy. Just be careful to check closely for any deductible costs and work out whether it’s the best option.

If you need to get your windshield replaced or repaired, it’s important to seek out an experienced and professional company to conduct the work. If you are doing it through your insurance policy, it’s very likely that your insurer will have a list of approved repairers. Otherwise, do your research and find an experienced company that uses high quality windshields and has thorough fitting procedures.


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