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Rear Window Replacement

What’s Involved With A Rear Window Replacement!

Unfortunately – Rear window replacements can take a bit longer than side windows but not much more, so you might need two coffees. One of the obvious factors again when your car has a broken rear window, is that it make it easier for wanna-be-thiefs to break in to your car.

The structural integrity of the strength of your car is weakened and in the case of an accident, this could prove vital. It may be the back of the vehicle, but it’s still an essential part of the design of your vehicle adding to your safety.

Also, the chances are you’ll have to get this done straight away as it might impair the driver’s vision and you run the chances of getting a ticket from a police officer.

Fortunately – This is a job that can be taken care of quite easily. Getting your car window replaced by qualified technicians is the key here.

A car rear window replacement should meet industry standard levels of workmanship thats guaranteed to reconstruct your car rear window to it’s original state, with the high standard safety auto glass, pre-approved fittings, industry auto approved adhesive, as well as great customer service.

Here at Captain Windshields we can offer you all this and more, are skilled technicians can provide the quality service for which they have been recognized for around America at unbeatable prices.

We’ll look after you… If you want us to come to you, thats fine what ever suits you, just lets us know.

A rear window replacement involves the following…

1. Call Captain Windshields to arrange an appointment.
2. We come to you, or arrange a time for you to come to us
3. We analyze the damaged side window
4. We carefully remove the panel of your car door to clean broken glass
5. Our Professionally trained technicians replace the side window
6. We then test the side window to make sure everything is working
7. We then carefully replace the panel of your car door
8. Another happy customer with their auto side window fixed

By the time you’ve finished your coffee or two, our qualified technicians will have taken care of your damaged rear window and replaced it to it’s original working rear window.

Captain Windshields will take care of your auto glass problems, just call now to make an appointment and let us take care of you.


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