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What’s Involved With A Car Side Window Replacement!

Unfortunately –  this can be a real pain because even though a broken side window doesn’t get in the way of actual driving when going forwards, it can obstruct you view to your mirrors, which in turn makes it dangerous to drive your car. The other obvious inconvenience is that it can make it easy for those who want to break into your car.

So a broken side window not only impairs your vision to your mirrors and allows wanna-be-thiefs easy access to your car, but you also run the risk of getting a ticket from a police officer.

Fortunately – Getting your side window replaced in your car is not a huge ordeal and it’s not going to break the bank. Here at Captain Windshields replacing your side window is a quick process, which involves the following…

1. Call Captain Windshields to arrange an appointment.
2. We come to you, or arrange a time for you to come to us
3. We analyze the damaged side window
4. We carefully remove the panel of your car door to clean broken glass
5. Our Professionally trained technicians replace the side window
6. We then test the side window to make sure everything is working
7. We then carefully replace the panel of your car door
8. Another happy customer with their auto side window fixed

By the time you’ve finished your coffee and some biscuits, our qualified technicians will have taken care of your damaged side window and replaced it to it’s original working order.

In our experience it’s better to get this done earlier rather than later, we have a huge range of side windows in store, but if we don’t have your car model side window, then we can easily order it in for you and install it at a convenient time that suits you.

Captain Windshields will take care of your auto glass problems, just call now to make an appointment and let us take care of you.


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