Cracked Windshield Laws in America

Cracked Windshield Laws

California traffic laws do not permit driving with a damaged windshield.

The laws regarding a cracked windshield in all of the states in America differ slightly, but are more or less the same.

The following is from California’s Vehicle Code (VC) Section 26710: and this information can be found on the government website “” and search for “Defective Windshields and Rear Windows:”

Defective Windshields and Rear Windows

Section 26710: It is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle upon a highway when the windshield or rear window is in such a defective condition as to impair the driver’s vision either to the front or rear.
In the event any windshield or rear window fails to comply with this code the officer making the inspection shall direct the driver to make the windshield and rear window conform to the requirements of this code within 48 hours. The officer may also arrest the driver and give him notice to appear and further require the driver or the owner of the vehicle to produce in court satisfactory evidence that the windshield or rear window has been made to conform to the requirements of this code.
Police aren’t forgiving when it comes to having a cracked windshield, the chances of you getting a ticket is very high, in fact it’s almost certain if you are pulled over by a police officer.

So the question now becomes, did you want to repair your windshield or replace your windshield?

Windshield Repair

This depends on the size of the crack on your windshield and the area of the crack. Generally speaking if your windshield crack is the size of your thumb then just a repair could be necessary. If the windshield crack is directly in your line of vision, then it might be worth while getting your windshield replaced.

We advise against windshield repair kits, a do it yourself option may be cost effective in the short run, (you usually don’t save that much) but it the long run, its generally found not to be cost effective and usually involves risking your safety.

Windshield Replacement

Using the latest technology and fixing agents available today, replacing your windshield is a wise option. The technology and strength in the glass used to develop the windshield nowadays is far from it was just a few years ago.

Auto glass windshields are sturdy and a lot safer than ever before. Captain Windshields use only premium auto glass and industry standard technologies which is recognized throughout America. Professionally certified technicians will fit your windshield for unbeatable prices, and all our work is guaranteed.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Window

Police officer writing a traffic citation while an unfortunate driver looks on from his car.

Even though a cracked window could impair the vision of the driver, this is not the only reason why you should think about getting your windshield replaced… another reason you should really think about is safety.

If for instances your car was to rollover, the strength of car roof will be weakened by the fact that your windshield will have a crack in it already. When a force of 1-1/2 times the weight of your car smashes on the roof, your windshield will stop the roof from caving in of unto 5 inches, if the windshield is in perfect condition.

A crack will weaken any auto windshield, and really is a danger to nearly all who drive with a cracked windshield… hence the strict laws, which make illegal to do so.

Also, a head on collision at around 30mph, a professionally fitted windshield is designed to keep 50% of the auto glass fixed to the car, allowing more protection for the driver and passengers.

It’s not worth risking the safety of you and your family for the sake of getting a windshield replacement… is it?

Captain Windshields will take care of your auto glass problems, just call now to make an appointment and let us take care of you.

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. We do our very best to keep our information accurate, but we will not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

Please consult your current state laws and DMV offices and double check everything with official sources!


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